Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Book Challenge

I belong to an online forum that does seasonal book challenges.  These challenges are a fun way to expand reading choices.  Here are the categories for the summer book challenge and what I plan on reading for each one.

5 points
Book set in a place you never want to visit- City of Beasts

Book about girlfriends- Nights of Rain and Stars

Book with one word title- Possession

Book set in a major city- Age of Innocence

Mystery or Thriller- Daughters of Juarez

 Book set at the ocean- Moby Dick

Romance novel- Death of the Heart

Dystopian/Utopian- Oryx and Crake

Book read on a picnic blanket or with a picnic word in the title- The Sheltering Sky

Book you haven't read yet by a favorite author- Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood

10 Points
Book with a black cover- Darkness at Noon

Historical Non-fiction- Black Dahlia

Book where the main characters do an outside activity- Cold Mountain

Book where the title or author's name starts with "J", "A", or "S" (using "A" as an article does not count)- Anthem

Book with a Native American character or written by a Native American

Memoir, Biography, or Autobiography- 101 Days

Book for adults by an author who also writes for children- The Opposite of Fate

Book written in diary form- Kidnapped

Book about flying or travelling- Charlotte Grey

Book about an execution or someone who was executed- First They Killed My Father

15 Points

Book with a ghost or a character with psychic powers- Ruined

Read a book and watch the movie/tv show- Deep End of the Ocean

Book by an author whose name you can't pronounce- Out of Africa

Book about finances or a main character who has your dream career- The Art Thief

Book of the month for July, August, and September and participate in discussion
Virgin Suicides

Book about the paranormal- Let the Right One In

Book with a cover that makes you laugh or a humor book- I Like You

Book recommended by a book blogger during the challenge - post a link to the blogger's review

Book you keep looking at and putting down - post about why you are a drawn to it and why you haven't read it yet- Atonement

Book by an author who has only released one book at the time of the challenge - post about whether or not you'll read more by the author - Those Who Save Us

25 Points

Read a book and then contact the author via email or snail mail.  Try to get a reply by asking questions/telling author how you felt about the book.  You can also go to a book signing and talk to the author there. 

Read 2 books, both written by immigrants into the US from different countries, where immigration is a subject of the book (i.e. one of the characters is an immigrant). Comment on difference of experiences that immigrants from different countries have in the US.

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