Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Since my semester ended at the end of April I have had a lot of time to read. That is a good thing, and at first I was really excited. But now I am bored because I have nothing to do. I moved to Canada almost a year ago with my husband. I am technically still a student and am here on a student visa. I cannot get a job off campus until I get an off campus work permit. But I cannot work on campus either because right now I am between schools. I went to one school for two semesters, but am no longer considered a student there because I am not registered. I start my master's program in library science at McGill in September, but since I am not registered there, I am not considered a McGill student either. I applied for an off campus work permit almost 2 months ago and have not gotten it yet. It is just so frustrating! I am bored being at home all day long with just my cat for company. I would like to get a job so that we can move into our own apartment, since right now we are living with my husband's dad. Also, most of the job postings I have looked at require that you be bilingual. I am trying to learn French, but it is hard! I am also lonely because I don't know anybody up here but my husband. I tried making friends in school, but I am really shy. Everything just piled together has been making me feel down lately.

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