Friday, October 8, 2010

Dewey's 24 hour read a thon

Dewey's Read a Thon starts tomorrow morning.  I have done a couple of these read a thons and they are a ton of fun.  The date of this one is convenient for me because I have next week off of school.  I haven't been reading as much lately, so I hope to get plenty read this week.  Here is the list I am going to be reading from.

Like Water for Chocolate
Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
The Corrections (have about 200 pages left)
You Know When the Men are Gone
This Lullaby
Everything is going to be great


  1. Hey Amanda, dropping by to wish you the best 24 hours of reading you can have. I loved Graceling, Wintergirls, and Uglies and am looking forward to hearing how some of the other titles you have chosen are going. I will be stopping by frequently tomorrow to cheer you on.

    You go girl!

  2. Wintergirls is in my pile too! I think Chelsea Chelsea, Bang Bang is a great read-a-thon choice!

  3. Loved Like Water for Chocolate and Wintergirls! I hope you enjoy them too. Have fun!

  4. Great choices. I love Like Water for Chocolate!

  5. I loved Uglies! And I've heard really good things about Graceling. Happy reading :)