Saturday, October 9, 2010

Read a thon starting meme

Where are you reading from today? Montreal, Quebec
3 facts about me … I am in school to be a librarian.  I have an adorable cat Newton, who is my reading buddy. My favorite author is Margaret Atwood.
How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours?9
Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)? I hope to finish at least 4 books.
If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, any advice for people doing this for the first time? Lots of caffeine! Read shorter books or ones that are lighter.  I like to alternate books so I don't get bored.


  1. Love Margaret Atwood too, especially when it's her older stuff (Cat's Eye, The Robber Bride).

    Remember, C.S. Lewis said, "We read to know that we are not alone," and today all of all days, we stand together. Have a joyous and blessed time!

  2. I can chant
    I can cheer
    get your reading into gear!

    Hope you're already having fun becomes there is much more to come.

  3. Rah, Rah, Shish Boom Ba
    24 hours of reading is the Bomb.
    AM PM don’t dismay
    You can do it Yea, Yea, Yea!

    Just stopping by to cheer you on.

  4. Happy reading!!

    PS - the cheerleaders will love you forever if you turn off word verification just for today. :)

  5. Hey there! Just stopping by to say happy readathon and to wish you luck. Looks like you have bunch of picks to go through today...I have read about half of them and loved them all, so you're in for a good day! Enjoy :)

  6. Hope you're having a great readathon!