Monday, August 23, 2010

Grad School

I have mentioned a couple of times that I am starting grad school in library science this semester.  I start in a little over a week.  I am nervous but excited. Here are the classes I am taking this semester:

Bibliographic and Factual Sources

Information System Design

Information and Society

Organization of Information

Anybody have any advice for getting through my first semester?


  1. Just of luck to you!

  2. I found caffeine to be my friend. I went to library school at night (I worked 7:30 am-4:00 and then had class from 6-9 pm). And yes, I'll echo Kelsey on this one: Breathe!!!

  3. Caffeine and taking time to breathe - I second those recommendations!

    I'm starting my second year of library school. Classes started this week for me. I made sure to write down every single due date on my planner so that I know what's coming up and can manage my time better. I find that doing a little bit of work each day is the best strategy for me instead of trying to do it all on the weekend or on certain days. You'll be doing a lot of reading and writing I'm sure - just be sure to manage your time well and leave some time for fun if you can! Good luck.