Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday: Books I Can't Believe I've Never Read

1. The Bible- Have it on my shelf, but haven't read it.  I just haven't been able to get past the religion part and consider it literature.
2. Middlemarch- Own it, but it is so big and intimidating.
3. Ulysses- Ditto.  Also, it is widely considered one of the best books ever, so I feel pressure to get through it and like it.
4. Most books by Charles Dickens- I read Great Expectations in high school and enjoyed it.  I recently tried to read a couple of his other books and couldn't get through them.
5. The Fountainhead- Again, own it but always keep passing over it to read other books.
6. Most YA books- I see all of these young adult books on blogs all over the place.  I'm just not a big fan of most young adult.  However, I have read and enjoyed Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series.
7. Catch 22- Tried to read it and couldn't get into it.  This seems to be on almost everybody's list today!
8. Most Jane Austen- I have read a few of her books, but didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I should.
9. Crime and Punishment- Again, have it but haven't gotten around to it (see a trend here?)
10. Anything by Virginia Woolf- I have tried to read several of her books, but didn't get very far into them.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! All of your books on this list easily could be included on my own. I hadn't thought of Middlemarch, though I almost listed The Holy Bible on my list.

    I have a very old copy of Rand's The Fountainhead, but will likely never read it since I disagree so much with her political theory and how overtly present it seems to be in even her shortest and earliest book Anthem, which is the only book I've ever read by her.

    Interesting blog. I may have to follow it.

  2. I have Middlemarch sitting on the shelf too. One of my friends highly recommended The Fountainhead but I have tried a couple times and just can't get into it. I have a couple of Dickens sitting on the shelf too. The only Austen I have read is Pride & Prejudice and it was a struggle for me to get through.

    Haven't even wanted to attempt many of your others!

  3. Haha I had the same trend going on with my list--own but never read!

  4. Catch-22 is certainly making the rounds today! It's on my list as well, and I'm with you on Dickens and Austen too.

  5. I should compile these lists and make a master list. I see lots of the same titles!

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance.

  6. OK. So it's Saturday but I still wanted to participate. I hope you are willing to take a look at my top ten "I can't believe I haven't read" books, too.