Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: Ruined

Ruined: A Novel

 Synopsis from Amazon:

Rebecca couldn't feel more out of place in New Orleans. She's staying in a creepy house with her aunt, who reads tarot cards. And at the snooty prep school, a pack of filthy-rich girls treat Rebecca like she's invisible. Only gorgeous, unavailable Anton Grey gives Rebecca the time of day, but she wonders if he's got a hidden agenda.
Then one night, among the oak trees in Lafayette Cemetery, Rebecca makes a friend. Sweet, mysterious Lisette is eager to show Rebecca the nooks and crannies of New Orleans. There's just one catch.
Lisette is a ghost.

A ghost with a deep, dark secret, and a serious score to settle.

As Rebecca is drawn deeper into a web of old curses and cryptic customs, she also uncovers startling truths about her own history. Will Rebecca be able to right the wrongs of the past, or has everything been ruined beyond repair?

My review:
I don't usually read YA, but I won this book in a contest and it sounded good.  It was light and fluffy and entertaining.  I read this during a read a thon, and it was the perfect book to read between heavier books.  Rebecca, the main character, was mostly likable and very different from the rest of the girls in New Orleans.  After the mystery curse was revealed about halfway through the book, it was fairly obvious how it involved Rebecca, but that didn't detract from the story.  The fact that whenever Rebecca touched Lisette, she couldn't be seen was a little weird, but it worked in the story.   I liked how the ending tied everything up.  I really enjoyed this book, and will probably read more by this author.


  1. I think it's always good to venture into new genres. Sometimes, you may discover a gem. This sounds like a maybe. I like the cover and the setting. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

  3. Sounds like a fun read. Returning your visit from the Hop.

  4. Sounds like a good read. I'm quite into YA at the moment (despite being well past the intended reading age)... I find YA books to have great storylines and be easy reads. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I'll look out for it.

  5. Great review. I started reading this book a little while ago, but had a hard time getting into it. Maybe I'll give it another shot :)

  6. Thanks for the review. Like Nikki-ann, I'mm into YAs right now.