Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Wrap Up

I can't believe it's already November! I heard Christmas music yesterday.  I think that it's way too early to start with Christmas stuff.
Here is what I read in October.

151. Last night in montreal
152. A place not home
153. Girl in translation
154. Sea glass  10/7
155. The forest of hands and teeth  
156. Lady of the rivers
157. A thousand lives
158. The maze runner
159. The red pony
160. The city of ember
161.  Coraline
162. Enter night
163. You are my only
164. Bright lights, big ass
165. Spyglass
166. What i thought I knew
167. Miss Hildreth wore brown
168. City of bones
169. Dawn
170. The accident

171. Black Orchid
172. The Meowmorphosis
173. If I Stay
174. The dead tossed waves
175. Creep  

I read a lot of fantastic books this month.  My favorites were The Forest of hands and teeth and Girl in Translation.

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