Monday, October 10, 2011

NetGalley October

NetGalley October is here! 

Basically, NetGalley Months are month long read-a-thons in which we all read as many NetGalley books as humanly possible. 

For those of you that don't know, NetGalley is a service for people who read and recommend books. Publishers upload galleys to the site for NetGalley members to request.
One of my favorite things about NetGalley is that anyone who reads and recommends books can use it for free. If you haven't already, you can register here.

I signed up for Netgalley a couple of months ago, and I really love it.  It has given me a chance to read books I wouldn't normally have read.  There are prizes too!  If you're interested in signing up, go sign up at Red House Books.  And big thanks to Emily for hosting Netgalley October!

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  1. Hi Amanda! I hope you had a good NetGalley October! Can you stop by and let me know how you did?