Sunday, July 24, 2011

Montreal Blogger meet up and In My Mailbox

 I have known for about a year that there were several other book bloggers in Montreal and started joining their monthly meet-ups.  Then about a month ago some other bloggers in the area started a Facebook group and we discovered that there are more than 15 of us! We had our first get together yesterday at a local Italian restaurant.

Front row L-R: PK from Aisle B (in red), Cindy from Cindy's Love of Books, Cat from Beyond Books, Lisa from Starmetal Oak Book Blog
Back Row L-R: Avis from She Reads and Reads, Amanda from Tales and Treats, Melissa from YA Book Shelf, Me, Mrs. Q, Cindy B. from Tynga's Reviews, Lucy from Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf, Donna from Book Bound, Laura from Library of Clean Reads, Tina from Bookshipper 
Several publishers were awesome enough to send a ton of books and swag.  Thanks so much to:
Random House Canada
Scholastic Canada
Harper Collins Canada
Simon & Schuster Canada

I came home with a ton of swag and the following books:

From Simon & Schuster Canada:
5 Very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth- The Oatmeal

From Scholastic Canada:
Cleopatra's Moon- Vicky Alvear Shecter
Dark Souls- Paula Morris

From Random House:
Turn of Mind- Alice Laplante

From Harper Collins:
The Book of Lies- Mary Horlock
Tony & Susan- Austin Wright

From Tina @ Bookshipper, I got:
Keeping Faith- Jodi Picoult

Creep- Jennifer Hillier
Scars- Cheryl Rainfield

What happened to Serenity?- PJ Sarah Collins
Riptide- Barbara Hale-Seubert

I also visited the library and got the following:
Seeds of Yesterday- V.C. Andrews
Started Early, Took My Dog- Kate Atkinson
The Joyful Child- Norman Ravvin
One for the Money- Janet Evanovich


  1. It was so nice to meet you! I'm excited about The book of Lies. I love Janet Evanovich, I hope you do too.

  2. Amanda, it was great seeing you again. Thanks again for trading your books. I hope you enjoy all the ones you received at the meet-up!

  3. I hope you don't mind that I used your post to inspire the layout of mine! Great to see you again and enjoy all your new books! Thanks again for the Amy Tan book -- she's one of my favourite authors.

  4. I could talk books forever with you all.

    I had no idea you liked Evanovich! Another topic to discuss to death :)

  5. Great post hon! I had such a fun time meeting you all and spending the day talking about books!!! YAY!!!

  6. I also had such a great time meeting all of you girls! I hope to get to know you all better and talk more books with you!